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  • Thank You Mom | Pick Them Back Up

    By Chad Leonard | In Commercials | on November 12, 2015
    This touching Olympics themed spot from Proctor & Gamble celebrates the unsung heroes of the games -- moms. It teaches us that falling only makes us stronger, and reminds us of the importance of encouragement to try again. CONTINUE READING
  • How 1% Performance Improvements Led to Olympic Gold

    By Chad Leonard | In Athletic Training | on November 6, 2015

    Article & Photo By: Harvard Business Review When Sir Dave Brailsford became head of British Cycling in 2002, the team had almost no record of success: British cycling had only won a single gold medal in its 76-year history. That quickly changed under Sir Dave’s leadership. At the 2008 Beijing Olympics, his squad won seven […]

  • The One Thing

    By Chad Leonard | In Books | on October 26, 2015

    If you’re looking for a great read be sure to pick up Gary Keller’s book – The One Thing. Order your copy today

  • E.O. Wilson – Of Ants And Men

    By Chad Leonard | In Videos | on September 30, 2015
    Article By: KPBS A portrait of one of the greatest scientific thinkers of our time, "E.O. Wilson – Of Ants And Men" premieres Wednesday, September 30, 2015 on PBS. The two-hour film explores the life and times—and the revolutionary ideas—of Pulitzer Prize-winning biologist E.O. Wilson, the founder of the scientific discipline of sociobiology and a [...] CONTINUE READING
  • The Science Behind Being ‘Hangry’

    By Chad Leonard | In Articles | on June 15, 2014

    Article by: WRVO Find yourself impatient and lashing out at people? The solution, according to a recent study, may be in the kitchen. This week on Take Care, Dr. Brad Bushman talks about the concept of “hangry,” or being more angry and aggressive when you’re hungry. Bushman, a professor of communications and psychology at Ohio State University, recently conducted […]

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